What Helps SEO

SEO for all business is no longer about content it’s about authority which is measured by online popularity. When other sites link to yours ,it raises your popularity and increases your rank in the search engines.

The major Search engines have taken the stand that if web sites on the Internet don’t care enough about your site to link to it, then why should we?

SEO Today is Complicated, ever-changing, difficult to decipher and very often miss-understood.

At SEO focus we understand how to decipher the code and leverage it to your advantage. Many other providers of SEO simply do onsite techniques and follow what everyone else is doing.

Our Dentist customers tell us that SEO is the most effective way to reach their new patients .It is the most powerful Lead Generation tool available and the great equalizer that breaks the barrier between a small practice and the Goliath’s.. Everyone is equal on the Internet…..in the eyes of Google

Good SEO ,done correctly for a business levels the playing field so that the any business can now compete with the big operations like Tesco .

You can now go after the same consumer for similar products without the overhead of a large company and Win!

SEO is a 24/7 Lead Generator that doesn’t tire, doesn’t complain and never needs a day off!